Neumonda Technology

Neumonda Technology

NEUMONDA Technology is the IP and innovation arm of the NEUMONDA Group. It was founded in 2021 by former Qimonda employees that hold several patents in DRAM memory and testing, with the aim to provide memory and storage solutions to worldwide customers, especially targeting the industrial and specialty market segments.

NEUMONDA Technology focusses on two areas:

  • The development of memory test boards that simulate the actual application environment of industrial applications.
  • Research and innovation in collaboration with universities and EU bodies
Ever experienced distortions or unexpected failures?

Qualification and testing of semiconductor components is one of the most expensive and complicated parts in the manufacturing of memory ICs. Due to the size, complexity and costs of the equipment, only few companies can afford to implement test capabilities. And those who do, need to test high volumes to recoup the investment, which means that test times need to be short and smaller volume customer requirements cannot be served. However, there are errors in DRAM technology that only arise in longer run times, like for example variable retention time induced fails or signal integrity issues. Testing for several hours or even days can eliminate the risk of costly recalls of failing memories once they are widely deployed.

NEUMONDA Technology addresses this pain point with its revolutionary DRAM Rhinoe tester that combines the sturdiness of rugged industrial applications with German engineering know-how. It is significantly smaller than any other test equipment in the market, taking up only a quarter of a square meter, the weight and investment requirements are about 1000 times lower compared to traditional testers, and it requires about 100 times less energy to operate it.

“We don't test in the conventional sense,” explained Peter Pöchmüller, CEO of Neumonda and Neumonda Technology. “We put memory ICs through their paces in real life conditions. We simulate the application and are able to predict much more accurately how well a memory will do in that target system. We look at the tested component from a customer application point of view! No one else can do that today, that’s unique. We also do not require any wafer supplier-related IP or proprietary test modes.”

With the new Rhinoe Tester, Neumonda Technology will develop new DRAM memories that are qualified for the most demanding requirements, and also for smaller volume customers. In a next step, Neumonda Technology will expand the board to test Low Power DRAMs and flash memories.